Textiles Components

Being the textile industry's main source of exported products, China's sewing industry plays a vital role in the international market. Due to fierce competition, any subtle improvement in processing means a great increase in level of competitiveness.

After years of research development and product testing, Nanofilm's TAC-ON™ coating with ultra-level of hardness, superior adhesion, low coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance and other desirable properties, has been adopted and applied by major enterprises in the textile industry with positive reviews. The post-coating sewing components not only show a great degree of improvement in wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the ideal lubricating property is also truly achieved without the need for any external lubricants. This creates a great competitive advantage to similar coating products in the related industry in terms of product pricing. Launching the series of TAC-ON™ coated sewing components products would thus elevate them into the premium quality range of textile products. Some of our products are: crochets, reeds, rotating shuttles, needle rods, steel rings and much more.