MiCC™ Nano-Crystalline Chrome Nitride Ceramic Coating
FCVA CrN (Low Deposition Temperature)
FCVA H-Cr(Low Production Cost)


MiCC (Nano-Crystalline Chrome Nitride Ceramic Coating) featuring high hardness, low coefficient of friction, high corrosion resistance and low surface energy is commonly being applied on IC encapsulation molding process, plastic injection molding, CD and DVD replication molding process. This prolongs the service life of tools, reduces the mold release force, lowers production cost and improves on productivity.

Instead of MiCC™ we can also produce FCVA CrN (Low Deposition Temperature) , and FCVA H-Cr(Low Production Cost) to cater for various demands for temperature resistant, as well as productivity cost, etc.

Advantages of MiCC™ Coating

  • Low surface energy which helps to reduce mold release force
  • Low film deposition temperature <150°C
  • Ultra high surface hardness (~20GPa)
  • Excellent adhesion to base material (CL > 80N @ 200um tip)
  • Low friction coefficient

Besides MiCC, our patented FCVA deposition technology can also deposit other ceramic like films i.e TiN, CrN and AlTiN .

Enhances your mold performance!    

Go GREEN with Vacuum Coating!

The semiconductor packaging industry drives towards “Green” electronic product by both legislation and market conditions!

  • For semiconductor moulding operation, removing halogens such as chlorine and bromine to the level that must be each less than 900ppm has quite a profound impact on the moulding process. Especially, the releasing of the moulding compounds becomes difficult and more frequent mold cleaning is needed.
  • After years of research, MiCC Coating is the winning solution to the industry.
  • Conventional Chrome Plating (H-Cr) which is Hexavalent Chrome, is carcinogenous while MiCC™ is 99.9% chrome bulk material deposited by FCVA, a definite environmental friendly process, so called “Green Vacuum Plating。